Volume 28

255 pages, 30 maps and illustrations (8 in colour). Publication no 157 (2001). £25.

Contains papers on:

  • St Paul’s and its Architecture (Kerry Downes)
  • Before and after Drury House: Development of a Suburban Town House 1250–1800 (Patricia Croot)
  • The First Printed 'Directory' of British Politicians (Clyve Jones) Oxford Street Two Hundred Years Ago: the Portland Estate Block Plans c.1805–1870 (Richard Bowden)
  • Amateurs, Antiquaries and Tradesmen: a Context for Photographic History in London (Ian Leith)
  • The Photographic Studios of Regent Street 1850–1875 (David Webb)
  • London Diarists (Heather Creaton)
  • Maps, Prints, Presses and the Merchant Taylors in the Seventeenth Century (Laurence Worms)
  • Hyde Park Corner: Breaking a Nineteenth-Century Bottleneck (M.H. Port)
  • St Paul’s in Wartime (Noel Mander and Ann Saunders)
  • Felix Barker: an obituary (Denise Silvester-Carr)