Volume 26

369 pages, 40 maps and illustrations. Publication no 141 (1990). £25.

Contains papers on:

  • The Topography of St Paul’s Precinct 1200-1500
  • Four Plans of Southwark in the Time of Stow
  • Whitehall Palace and King Street, Westminster
  • Moorfields, Finsbury and the City of London in the Sixteenth Century
  • The Broadway Chapel, Westminster: a Forgotten Exemplar
  • Some Notes on Hollar’s Prospect of London and Westminster Taken from Lambeth
  • Guidebooks to London before 1800: a Survey
  • Sources for London History at the India Office Library and Records
  • London illustrations in the Gentleman's Magazine, 1746–1863
  • Richard Horwood’s Plan of London: a Guide to Editions and Variants, 1792–1819
  • The Museum in Docklands
  • Centre for Metropolitan History
  • Obituaries and Bibliographies of William Francis Grimes, Philip David Whitting and Priscilla Metcalf