Volume 24

Centenary volume. 256 pages, 42 maps and illustrations. Publication no 123 (1980). £25.

Contains papers on:

  • The London Topographical Society, a brief account (Stephen Marks)
  • The Two Coldharbours of the City of London
  • The Medieval Parish Church of St Andrew Holborn
  • Clothworkers in St Stephen Coleman Parish, 1612
  • The Queen’s Birthplace
  • Nos 54-64 Strand
  • A Site in Westminster or Whoever was St Ermine?
  • St Dionis Backchurch, Victorian Proposals Parliament and the Railways of London in 1863
  • From Carey Street to the Embankment – and Back Again!
  • A Museum for London
  • Marjorie Blanche Honeybourne, an Obituary
  • A London Panorama c 1800 Resurrected
  • Social and Economic Study of Medieval London