Tudor and Stuart

The Singularities of London 1578 by L. Genade ((Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, MS Reg. lat. 672), edited by Derek Keene & Ian W. Archer. The fascinating observations of a French Protestant visitor offering a distinctive view of London as a city of peace, an implict comparison with Antwerp and Paris. The importance to the history of 16th century London, found in the Vatican Library, was first recognised by one of the editors, Derek Keene. Hardback, 288pp. Publication no 175 (2014).  £25. 

The Singularities of London 1578

The A to Z of Elizabethan London compiled by Adrian Prockter and Robert Taylor with introductory notes by John Fisher. The so-called ‘Agas’ woodcut map showing London c.1560 reproduced in book form on a scale of about 28 inches per mile, with key and index. Extends Westminster- Whitechapel; Finsbury- Southwark. Hardback, 62pp. Publication no 122 (1979). £23.

The A to Z of Elizabethan London

The A to Z of Restoration London with introductory notes by Ralph Hyde, and index by John Fisher and Roger Cline. Ogilby & Morgan's map of 1676 reproduced in book form on a scale of about 171⁄2 inches per mile. Extends Holborn- Whitechapel; Finsbury- Thames. Hardback, 93pp. Publication no 145 (1992). £26.
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Somerset House: The Palace of England’s Queens 1551–1692, by Simon Thurley with contributions by Patricia Croot and Claire Gapper, ed. Ann Saunders and Roger Cline: large-format hardback, 144 pp., 12 x 9 in. (30.5 x 23 cm). Publication no 168 (2009). £25.


Old St Paul’s: The Society of Antiquaries’ Diptych, 1616 by Pamela Tudor-Craig, with Christopher Whittick. Paperback, 305pp, published jointly with the Society of Antiquaries. Publication no 163 (2004). £15.

Old St Paul's: The Society of Antiquaries' Diptych, 1616

The Elizabethan Tower of London: the Haiward and Gascoyne plan of 1597, by Anna Keay. Describes the background to the plan, its fate and the three surviving copies of the original. There is also a gazetteer of the buildings shown. Hardback, 64pp, with three plans in colour and other illustrations. Publication no 158 (2001). £30.

The Elizabethan Tower of London: the Haiward and Gascoyne plan of 1597

The Whitehall Palace Plan of 1670 by Simon Thurley. Hardback, 65pp, with separate coloured and black and white plans. Publication no 153 (1998). £25.

The Whitehall Palace Plan of 1670

Wyngaerde’s Panorama of London circa 1544 with introductory essays by Sir Howard Colvin and Susan Foister. Reproduces the original pen and ink drawing in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. Anthony van den Wyngaerde’s panorama dates from about 1550, and shows buildings along the Thames from Westminster to Greenwich Palace. The panorama was the Society’s very first publication and is now back in print after nearly 120 years. Fifteen sheets of the panorama, with keys to the buildings. Hardback, 46pp. Publication no 151 (1996). £25.


Hugh Alley's Caveat: the Markets of London in 1598 edited by Ian Archer, Caroline Barron and Vanessa Harding. Hardback 105pp. Publication no 137 (1988). £10.


The London Surveys of Ralph Treswell edited by John Schofield. Ralph Treswell (c1540–1616) was one of the most important of the new breed of Elizabethan surveyors. The book illustrates over 50 of Treswell’s London plans, 11 of them in full colour, and includes a description of his life and work. Paperback, 164pp. Publication no 135 (1987). £16.

The London Surveys of Ralph Treswell

The Public Markets of the City of London Surveyed by William Leybourn in 1677, by Betty Masters. 5 pages, 15 maps and illustrations. Publication no 117 (1974). £10.


The Survey of the Building Sites in the City of London after the Great Fire of 1666 Reduced facsimile of Mills and Oliver's manuscripts plans, with introduction and indexes by Philip Jones. 5 volumes - but only Volumes 1-3 are available. Publication no 97/103 (1962-67). £16.