London's landmark buildings

London Plotted: Plans of London Buildings c.1450-1720 by Dorian Gerhold, edited by Sheila O'Connell, Hardback, 320pp, 22 x 30.5 cm.

In this beautifully produced, 320-page volume the author explains how and why London's tradition of ground plans arose, who the surveyors and their customers were and what the colourful plans tell us about the buildings and their occupants. Most of the 197 plans have never previously been published and range from houses, large and small, to warehouses, wharves, industrial premises, markets, inns, company halls and so on.

Publication No 178 (2016)


London Plotted: Plans of London Buildings c.1450-1720

Somerset House: The Palace of England’s Queens 1551–1692 by Simon Thurley with contributions by Patricia Croot and Claire Gapper, ed. Ann Saunders and Roger Cline: large-format hardback, 144 pp.
12 x 9 in. (30.5 x 23 cm).
Publication no 168 (2009).


The Elizabethan Tower of London: the Haiward and Gascoyne plan of 1597, by Anna Keay. Describes the background to the plan, its fate and the three surviving copies of the original. There is also a gazetteer of the buildings shown. Hardback, 64pp, with three plans in colour and other illustrations.
Publication no 158 (2001).


The Whitehall Palace Plan of 1670 by Simon Thurley. Hardback, 65pp, with separate coloured and black and white plans.
Publication no 153 (1998).

The Whitehall Palace Plan of 1670

The Royal Exchange, a collection of 30 scholarly essays on the three Royal Exchange buildings, dating from 1566, 1669 and 1841. Edited by Ann Saunders. Hardback, 444pp, lavishly illustrated in colour and b&w.
Publication no 152 (1997).

The Royal Exchange

The Mercer's Hall by Jean Imray with an introduction by Derek Keene.
Publication no 143 (extra publication for 1991).


Old St Paul’s: The Society of Antiquaries’ Diptych, 1616 with introduction by Paul Laxton and index by Joseph Wisdom. Horwood's Plan of the Cities of London and Westminster (3rd Edition 1813) in book form on a scale of 14 inches per mile, with key and index. Extends Hyde Park-East India Docks; Pentonville-Walworth. Hardback, 116pp.
Publication no 131 (1985).

Old St Paul's: The Society of Antiquaries' Diptych, 1616